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We understand the importance of capturing memories of your precious little one at this early stage of his/her life. Things change and develop so quickly from their first weeks and we love helping you to freeze this moment in time through photography.

Newborn photography opens a brilliant window for creativity in which we can build a range of different themes around your sleepy baby, or try a bunch of fun poses if they're feeling up to the challenge. 

We leave a fairly big window with these shoots so that everything can be done to help your baby feel at ease and relieve the pressure to capture shots in between feeding and changing breaks. This way we can ensure that we can get the best shoots for you and your family1 


What kind of photos do you want?

There are two main styles that come under the genre of newborn photography: the cute snuggly shots and the fun poses and smiles shots. The perfect time for your shoot is dictated by what kind of photos you would like for your little one.

Cute snuggly/swaddled shots - 2 weeks 

For when your baby is sleeping for most of the day.

Posing and smiles - 12-16 weeks

for when your baby has built up some extra neck and muscular strength to support themselves and that little bit extra awake and curious about the world around them!


With your photoshoot, you can expect: 


  • A fun and relaxed photoshoot with a passionate photographer

  • The create different scenes and outfits throughout the shoot 

  • To receive a range of different photos including portraiture, action shots and 'behind the scenes' moment

  • An online gallery of your best pictures

  • High quality digital files

  • Fully edited images 

  • Bespoke experience with tailored packages 

  • Both print and framing options

Testimonials & Reviews 

We have so many photos to choose from! We had a really lovely session with some talented people who made the experience fun. I highly recommend them. Now to decide which of the photos I'm having...

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2-3hr shoot                                                        £300


This price includes the following: 
      - Creative photoshoot

        - Full photo editing

        - A password-protected online gallery

        - All digital images


For the photos you love the most, we also offer prints, mounts, and frames.


Print prices are as follows: 

     1 x small print (10x8 or 12x10)                         £30
     1 x medium print (14x11 or 16x12)                  £40
     1 x large print (20x16 or 24x16).                     £50


Frame prices are available on request



For any and all enquiries, please contact me at:


Tel: 07510574898

or fill in the contact form below. I look forward to hearing all about your ideas, special occasions, businesses and products!


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