Houston Lani

We have spent a lot of time working with Houston Lani in 2020 as she focuses on building her personal fitness and wellness brand, alongside Arbonne. 

For photoshoots with Houston, we focus both on the high-quality Arbonne products she promotes and her enthusiastic, energetic approach to wellness.


Incorporating both elements is crucial to working with Houston as both the Arbonne range and Houston's ever-positive coaching and guidance are what give her clients the added boost to reach their wellness goals.


Jin Stirrup

In Association with Horse Scout, these stirrups were the focal point of a brand partnership connecting top equestrian riders from across the world with Jin Stirrup's premium safety equipment

We executed the client's desires to showcase the equipment, both in use and on display, highlighting it's high-grade functionality and the bespoke Horse Scout designs.



Elumin8 works closely with many elite automotive manufacturers, creating bespoke, hand-made illuminated, and engraved treadplates for custom-designed vehicles. 


We fulfilled a simple but powerful brief, to display their products in a sleek and elegant fashion, to mirror the precision engineering and detailed craftsmanship that goes into creating each treadplate

A clothing brand with the aspiration to do good, Jack 'n Jenny was launched mid-2020 with the aim of contributing funds for equestrian and donkey charities based in the UK.


A New Forest-based brand, we took our assignment into the local forest to achieve relevance with the product photography.   

Jack 'n Jenny

Our Approach


We believe it's crucial to spend time learning everything related to the project including your products, the brand aims and values, and the people behind it all. 


Making this extra effort brings an extra edge to our photography and really allows us to present your hard work and creativity in the best way possible.



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